DTG Direct To Garment Printing

Direct to Garment is the highest quality and latest technology when it comes to printing on t-shirts. We can now print full color spectrum images on garments instantly and with precision. Fully digital printing and gradient fade out abilities mean that prints look crisp and detailed while still affordable with fast turnovers.

  • Generally suited to projects of 1pc to 70 pcs.
  • Ability to print small runs and on-demand for fulfillment purposes
  • Large Quantity Specialty pricing available for Quantities above 100 pcs
  • Maximum print size 16"x"20

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is an old school method of T-Shirt printing that is a bit more cost effective the Direct To Garment (DTG) printing. It is a process wherein ink is pushed through a stencil or screen onto a garment and then cured. There are manual screen printing presses and automatic ones but in both, each color in a design is pushed through its own screen when in combination with multiple screens can create up to 8 Color image. The result of the process however is second to none with a slightly raised profile of ink on fabric.

  • Best option for Vector Art and Logo printing
  • Print on any fabric material
  • Quantity discounts and large volume capabilities
  • Minimum 12 Pcs per Order
  • Vibrant and Intense Colors
  • Gradients are only possible in Half-Tone


Embroidery is one of the highest quality and premium ways of printing on garments. Embroidery is the process of stitching thread in a pattern to resemble a logo. There are many different types of embroidery we offer from 3D Puff Embroidery to Fill Embroidery, our digitizers are the best in the business and make sure the most minute detail shines through.

  • Price based on print size
  • Ability to create patches that can be sewn on a variety of different garments
  • Best option for professional uniforms
  • No color limitations
  • Applique Embroidery is the best option for Sports Teams and Jerseys

Print/Cut Vinyl

Whether you need cut vinyl or print and cut vinyl, at Custom T Shirt Printers we have you covered. This is a process wherein a Commercial Plotter uses a blade on 0n 9 axes to cut out a design which is then heat pressed onto a garment. This is favorite for Soccer Jerseys and other polyester garments. It is also the most versatile and indestructible form of printing on garments. Since vinyl flexes and stretches it generally outlasts the garment it is printed on.

  • Best option Number Printing on Jerseys
  • Print on any fabric/material
  • Quantity discounts and large volume capabilities
  • Vibrant and Intense Colors
  • Gradients are possible however, not possible to fade into garment color.
  • Not recommended for designs with small and fine details
  • Economical for small single color projects


Best suited to customized sports team kits and all over printing on garments, sublimation is a great way to digitally print on garments. It can make for eye catching designs with vibrant colors with unlimited variety.

  • Sublimation only on Polyester material
  • All over printing
  • Digital printing
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Best suited to Cricket, Volleyball, Soccer jerseys etc.
  • Can be printed on a material roll from which the garment is then stitched
  • Can print on defined area within a polyester garment as well

More Services

Custom Garment Manufacturing

Whether its a Hoody to a fully custom motorcycle jacket to a robot costume, we can manufacture it all. Talk to our knowledgeable sales staff who help brands reach unlimited potential with design, material, tailor, production and fulfillment. Thinking about starting your own brand, we have you covered.

  • 50 Pcs Minimum
  • 30-60 Day turnaround
  • Large quantity discounts
  • Full service from design, to materials, fit, production, quality control, and fulfillment
  • Unlimited possibility and variety
  • Talk to our sales reps today


Have a brand and need fulfillment services? From print to drop ship, we have you covered.

  • Manufacture
  • Print
  • Quality Control
  • Package
  • Ship
  • CRM

Graphic Design

Whether its a logo, a Custom T-Shirt design, or fixing an already existing design, our in-house Graphic Designers have you covered. With a combined 35 years of experience in graphic design and digital media, we can make sure what you envision for your project is exactly what you receive.

  • Vectorization services
  • Logo Design
  • Resolution Increasing
  • Print Preparation
  • Web Design and Print Media Design
  • Business Cards ETC.